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Companion of Darkness

Book One of The Chaos Wars
Available now!

Magic and science collide, and one ancient enemy wants them both.

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The Hellswar
Post-apocalyptic survival,
with a twist.

Treaters: Book One of the Hellswar

The Neverwar
Epic Fantasy and  Science Fiction 
for young adults of all ages.

Companion of 


Souls of the Never

Worlds of the Never

War of the


My Story

CJ Rutherford has always been a story teller, even if they started out in his mind only. He grew up on a farm in very rural Ireland, and was left pretty much to his own devices most of the time.

So, he invented his own world, with fairies, trolls, and other mystical creatures.

His stories stayed with him throughout his life, sometimes scrawled down on scraps of paper, and occasionally brought to life in a sketch (although he’s the first to admit what he drew and what you might see might not bear any similarity to each other.)

Along came two daughters, and at last he had an outlet for his imagination. As the girls grew up they were enthralled by the characters and the worlds their father created. He even brought them to life in his fantasy world, and they never knew when he sat down to tell them their bed-time story, whether they would be fighting a dragon or playing with one.

But time moves on, and daughters grow up, and soon enough, CJ needed another way to tell his tales.

The rest, as they say, is history…or the future, depending on how you look at it 😉